Healthy Eating

Tips on Healthy Eating-

Here's my take on it:

Try to stick to the "wholest", freshest form of each food that God naturally made for us to eat. Try and eat as much of your foods ALIVE. Meaning fresh fruits and veggies in their raw form are alive. Yogurt(organic, non-processed and  withOUT added sugars) is alive. Freshly ground grains that have been soaked in any "culture" such as yogurt, or whey from milk are alive. Soaked nuts and seeds are alive. We need to stop feeding a bodies dead food that has no nutrients even though it tastes "good". Real, alive food tastes WAY better.

So what we should eat and drink:

* WATER, and more and more of it! about an oz per lb. or your body weight per day. I should drink 110 oz a day, my husband should drink about 240oz per day(and he does).

* Kombucha or other fermented(non-alcholic) beverages with lots of health benefits.

*Tea-herbal is good, no added sugars or caffeinated teas(once in awhile is fine).

Fresh whole grains: Wheat(unless allergic or  has overly consumed it), Rice, Oats, Barley, Millet, Quinoa, Buckwheat, etc.

Dairy: I would keep this minimal and ONLY organic. There are organic sour creams that have wonderful live cultures in them, that are very healthy for you and the taste is AMAZING. Nancy's brand is really good. You don't need milk for calcium, there are other foods that you can get calcium from (plus do you know without exercising, calcium doesn't even get used into your body). Butter is very healthy, but keep it organic.

Meat: it's good for you. People around the world have been eating meat for centuries. I wouldn't recommend pork, for health reasons, rumor has it that parasites live in the meat and it's impossible to kill them even at the highest temperatures, because they ball up in the center of the meat and cocoon themselves to keep alive. What is terrible is all the additives they put into meat, extra synthetic fats, nitrates, preservatives, viruses to kill any bacteria is sprayed on the meat, yuck! Go for only fresh sea fish, no farm raised. I would only buy in USA waters, but that's just me. Choose poultry and beef, elk, deer, bison, etc...that are hormone free and free-range animals. They are given the chance to chew the cud and are much healthier in that environment. Of course organic is the best. 

No preservatives, no artificial colors or ingredients,  no hormones, try and do organic, when possible.
Try and do free-range eggs and meat, the animals are much healthier and produce a better product to eat.
For cooking fat eat: Butter(raw and cultured, organic), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Red Palm Oil. These are the only fats I use for cooking, they are the healthiest ones that can be heated at high temps, olive oil shouldn't be at too high of a temp though. Flaxseed oil, sunflower, all the other specialty oils should be kept at room temp or cooler.(NO vegetable oil, canola, margarine, shortening, none of that at all!!!)