Budgeting Meals

Tips on Budgeting Meals:

If you are trying to eat healthy and inexpensively, it can be hard. Maybe it's not hard to buy the healthy, inexpensive food, but it is to prepare and eat it.

BECAUSE, organic beans and grains are cheaper than a lot of cold cereals full of sugar or even mac and cheese.

BUT are you willing to give up the junk? (I guarantee you'll feel WAY better if you do).
Are you willing to put more effort into the kitchen? It will really suck at first, but when you get the hang of starting dinner at 3 or 4pm instead of 5 or 6(when everyone's hungry and you just want to zap something into the micro), it'll get easier and better the more you do it.

I used to dread dinner time, sometimes I still do, I'm still setting up a good process and learning better recipes for healthy, cheap food.

Here are some websites I like for finding good deals and matching them to coupons. http://www.frugalfunfortune.com

Here are some great websites for healthy recipes and tips with cooking: