Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

* We try and eat something raw at every meal. Choose raw fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc.*

Ideas for BREAKFAST:

 Make a 7-day plan of a different breakfast food to eat each day. Switch it up once a month or when you're bored of it.

1. SUNDAY Pancakes( Sometimes we make a big master baking mix with healthy ingredients and I'll use the mix to make pancakes, muffins, cornbread, etc) BUT it's better to soak your dough in plain yogurt or piima milk over night and use fresh cultured flour in the morning.
2. MONDAY Veggie Omelet with Toast(sprouted or sourdough) 
3. TUESDAY Oatmeal-we enjoy it much. Served with butter, fresh cream, and raw honey. A friend of mine used to eat it with chopped dates and coconut milk, she loved it, but when I tried it, it wasn't my favorite, but it's a great idea.Agave seems to lose it's flavor quickly, so I don't use that, nor do I use Stevia.
4. WEDNESDAY Over-Easy Eggs, sourdough or sprouted toast and fresh fruit
5. THURSDAY Toast with butter or homemade(or store bought cultured) cream cheese, jam, and fresh whipped cream on top(Swedish style)
6. FRIDAY Eggs(soft boiled or scrambled) with toast and cheese or a nutbutter on top
7. SATURDAY Yogurt Parfait- Layer plain yogurt, ground flax seed or oat bran/wheat germ or nuts or homemade granola, and raw honey/maple syrup(100% real and organic) Trader Joes sells a maple/agave mixture for a good price.

other breakfast ideas:
*Toast or "crispy rye" bread(I don't know what it's called in English) with butter and single slice of deli meat(no nitrites or perservatives) or a slice of good quality cheese.
*Homemade muffins with nuts(protein) and added nutrients life flax seed or wheat germ, oat bran.

Ideas for LUNCH:

Pick 7-days worth of lunch meals, repeat each week and switch it up with the new month

1. SUNDAY-Leftovers-I usually pack my husband a lunch with leftovers from dinner the night before. If there are any extra leftovers than that's what the kids and I eat for lunch too-this is our most common lunch...I try and have leftovers for lunch, no cooking for me, it's a nice break.
2. MONDAY-Sandwiches-there are so many varieties you can make. Veggies, load tons of different kinds, mix a salad dressing in there and yummy...PB&J is a favorite for my kids. We use sprouted grain or whole grain breads, whole grain/sprouted tortillas(to make roll ups or quesadillas), pita bread(stuffed with bulgur or tuna walnut salad)
3. TUESDAY-Finger foods- You can have veggies and fruit and nuts and cheese slices. We do that occasionally. We won't really eat a "meal", just a few snacky-finger foods, full of nutrients, that fill us up.
4. WEDNESDAY-Leftovers
5. THURSDAY-Sandwiches (serve with raw veggies if not in sandwich)
6. FRIDAY-Leftovers
7. SATURDAY-Sandwiches

other lunch ideas:

*cold grain salad, such as millet, bulgur, or even cous cous(semolina grain), with fresh veggies and/or fresh herbs and a salad dressing on top, can stuff it into pita.
*Fresh Basil Pesto sauce, mixed with brown rice pasta noodles and pine nuts(pricey, but really yummy)

Ideas for DINNER:

*Again, pick 1 meal per evening dinner and repeat each week or every other week for 1 month and then switch it up. The reason I like to switch it month by month is because new things come in and out of season and are moved into sale prices and are fully ripe too.

* Include a meat or other protein source, a grain or other side( whole grain pasta, brown rice, millet, or potatoes), a super healthy vegetable cooked or raw(salad), any necessary sauces/ condiments.

*Once a week we do dessert. I chose Sunday night. It's fun to look forward to, and the rest of the week seems easier to bear with no or not much sugar. I am SO much a sweet tooth that I just enjoy desserts too much to cut them out entirely.

Week 1 for July:

1. SUNDAY- Salmon, Brown Rice, and broiled Zucchini (dessert- chocolate pudding)
2. MONDAY- Baked Chicken(make stock from bones), Buttery Bake Potatoes, Steamed Green Beans
3. TUESDAY- Chicken Enchiladas with leftover meat, tortillas, beans, fresh salsa, fresh guacamole, sour cream(cultured)
4. WEDNESDAY- Hamburgers, sprouted grain buns, fresh veggies inside, potato fries(baked homemade)

5. THURSDAY- Tuna Waldorf Salad stuffed in Pita Bread(from a dear friend-You just mix a can of tuna with chopped walnuts, celery and apples and add mayonaise(or butter or salad dressing) to moisten. I also like to add lemon juice.)
6. FRIDAY- Pita Bread Pizzas, with a variety of veggies tossed on
7. SATURDAY- Tacos, ground meat, fresh veggies, fresh salsa, guac, sour cream, etc.

Could make home made hummus to dip veggies and pita bread for a snack.

Week 2 for July:

8. SUNDAY- Grilled steak, baked potatoes (cut up with skins, mixed with butter, sour cream, salt, pepper, and green onions(optional)), and grilled corn on the cob, berry pie for dessert
9. MONDAY- Left over steak stir fry, brown rice, fresh chopped/sliced veggies for the stir fry, home made sauce.

10. TUESDAY- Grilled Turkey Franks, sprouted buns, gingered carrots and sprouted lentil salad
11. WEDNESDAY- Spaghetti with garbanzo beans and veggies
12. THURSDAY- Flesc Sauce and Potatoes( swedish dish)(cut up turkey franks or hot dogs, stir fried with onion and covered in a gravy sauce, poured over boiled or mashed potatoes) Salad with this dinner
13. FRIDAY- Chicken Adobo ( Philippino dish), rice and salad
14. SATURDAY- Baked Chicken, with pasta, and sugar snap peas

Then re-do those menus the following 2 weeks while planning next month's menu.

more ideas for dinner:

*homemade BBQ beans with corn on the cob and cornbread or another bread
*stuffed potatoes, with any ingredients, don't forget butter AND good quality cultured sour cream, both are a total must and healthy too!
Big pot of Chili, can be with just beans and added veggies. Use leftovers over turkey franks and sprouted grain buns, or
*minestrone soup, homemade with dry beans, greens, and rice noodles
*cajun beans
*oriental chicken salad with cabbage and sliced almonds and green onion
*use leftover shredded cabbage and carrots in a stir-fry with noodles and seasoned with soy sauce, white pepper, salt, and cooked in red palm oil.
*homemade refried beans, with cheese and sprouted tortillas, fresh tomatoes and lettuce shredded on top.