Sprouting Raw

There are many benefits to eating raw and sprouting food. Some of them include getting the full value of vitamins and minerals out of your meal, which when cooked or even "just-picked-raw" will not have that same value. When you sprout your grains, beans, seeds, legumes, and when you soaked them in a "soured" or cultured dairy product you are breaking down the phytates and making them more digestible. I personally LOVE the taste of raw nuts that have been soaked and dehydrated again. They are way more buttery, and not as bitter tasting. Yummy!

Recipes for Sprouting:

You can sprout just about anything. Mung beans are great, lentils, barley, sunflower seeds, etc. They need to be raw, of course. Check out Azure Standard for sprouting screens that fit over ball or mason jars. It's so cool to sprout your own food. It's fun. The biggest thing I can tell you, is set a timer, and rinse the items in the jar when you hear the timer go off. I have, so many times, forgotten about something in my cupboard, hanging almost upside down, and starting to stink. It's really important to rinse it out 2-4 times per day. It takes anywhere from 1-4 days to reach the sprout level you want. One time, I left some barley sprouting in the cupboard too long(like 20 hrs. without rinsing), haha, it stunk like alcohol, and I just tossed it all into the trash, what a waste..:(